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Very positive with new knowledge!

Kilifi Uele, the TFA Technical Director returned home excitedly after attending the, FIFA MA Technical Directors Course that was held in Auckland, New Zealand.

This seminar was led by FIFA Head of Technical Development Services Jürg Nepfer and FIFA Technical Consultants Hans-Ruedi Hasler and Francesco Bruscoli.

Uele expressed his gratitude to FIFA and OFC for the opportunity that allowed him to participate in this seminar.  He is one of the longest Technical Director that has come through this process.

“I did gained more experiences and knowledge and I built a deeper understanding of my roles and responsibilities as a Technical Director’’, Uele says.

“Since I worked at Tonga Football, I realized the challenges I faced but I kept on working towards my goal and vision,’’ he added.

“During this course, there were a lot of new faces on board and I shared my knowledge and experiences to new ones and I was glad they accepted.’’

‘’We were urged by one of the Instructor, don’t have to copy, we have to develop.’’

‘’All FIFA Instructors wanted each and everyone in the Seminar to leave with something concrete, not only theoretical but also practical,’’ said Uele.

“The course was well received and participants improved and gained clear understanding of our roles and responsibilities and it’s related to the Technical development program tailor-made to the needs of our association, ‘’Uele stressed out.

Uele believed that together we can develop the game in this region to reach the world stage.

Lui Áho, the General Secretary and CEO of Tonga Football were very pleased with Uele’s report upon his returned.

‘’The FIFA MA Technical Directors Course in Auckland was very encouraging and productive,’’ Áho says.

‘’I will ensure to have the necessary resources to effectively carry out all the development initiative undertaken’’.

“I agreed with the Technical Director Handbook and I wanted to follow’’.

“Since a lot of our strategic plan based on that handbook, each department will assist during the implementation period,’’Áho added.

‘’Tonga Football has been set for another very strong year for our clubs programme,  as we enjoyed continued growth in participation numbers at grassroots level, youth level, women’s football , and yet another period of rapid growth for futsal under Tonga Football guidance.’’