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U-16 still an open race

Vahe Loto picked up three points from their opening match in Loto-Tonga, but they’ll need to do the business again this coming Saturday against Vahe Hihifo to stay in the race for the title.

Vahe Hahake is also keen to secure a win and keep the dream alive, after beating Vahe Hihifo 14 – 0 on field No. 3.

The new tournament, TFA Youth District Tournament 2018 which just launched today, offers teams an opportunity to play more quality football while also creating a showcase for U-19 and U-16 players to catch the eye of the national team selectors ahead of the upcoming OFC tournaments.

‘Unaloto Talasinga, head coach for Vahe Loto, started preparing for the tournament long before the first match kicked off.

“We’re ready, yes. We prepare for this so it will be an exciting match to play,” Talasinga said.

“I am just like every other coach, we always aim to win, but of course when we hear the final whistle, and that’s when it counts.

“We’re feeling a lot more comfortable and having a game under our belts as well helps, we’re that much more prepared,” Talasinga said.

In the first twenty minutes of the game, Vahe Kolo led, 2-0 from a nice and strong shot by Sione Veamatahau. That goal followed an earlier run by Brian Palu whose shot hit the far post.  Vahe ‘Uta never gave up, they kept on trying and pressing Vahe Kolo’s dangerous area.

In the last five minutes of the first half, Vahe Loto’s midfielder received the ball just on top of his right foot and he had few touches before he fired into the Vahe Kolo’s net. After two minutes, Vahe Loto stole the ball from one of the Vahe Kolo’s striker and made a rapid counter attack to score another goal before half-time.

However, the second half was even tougher for Vahe Kolo as Vahe Loto pushed harder eventually wearing down their opponent and scoring once more to attain a 3-2 lead.

Talasinga was so happy with the result, and now she’s looking forward for their second campaign on this coming Saturday.

Kano Vaifo’ou, head coach for Vahe Kolo accepted the result that his side received today.

“It was our first game and we needed to just adjust a little better, a little quicker. Unfortunately that one of my boy mistakenly did a own goal but that’s sport,” Vaifo’ou said.

“I still give the credit for my boys for doing their best on the field, and for Saturday, we will win,” Vaifo’ou added.

Vahe Loto will take up Vahe Hihifo on the second match day, while Vahe Kolo will face Vahe Hahake.



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