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Tupou College Under 20 team remain unbeatable!

The secondary school football competition has completed her fourth round yesterday, and in the men’s Under 20 division, Tupou College still leading in their ranking with 9 points.

This is the second time Tupou College participated in the secondary school football competition, as we all know rugby is always their number one sport.  But now they joined football and each grade, Tupou College has a team.

Timani Naniseni is the Head Coach for all the teams of Tupou College, and he was a former captain of the Navutoka Football team in the 80s and 90s during his youth days.

”I never thought that I would bring more than three hundred boys to play at this competition.  Since I started training the boys at Toloa, the kids started to come, and I encouraged them to bring more of their friends, after the first week of preparing and training our field was not enough for students that wished to play this competition,” says Naniseni.

”I used to play football when I was young, but I know some of the rules has been changed, so I did request for coaching assistance, and I’m so grateful for Tonga Football for allowing Timote Moleni to come and assist me in conducting the football training and preparing for this tournament,” Naniseni added.

”I did not know that we had boys that played in their respective clubs during TFA’s major league, and I wish to say thank you to Moleni for advising me and now I pulled them all and formed our under 20 team,” he said.

”Now I really concentrate on our U 20 because I believe in them, and I’m sure their experienced would assist them and we might take the cup to the golden forest,”says Naniseni.

”We have two other tutors looking after our under 13, under 15 and under 17 and sometime Moleni worked with them,” he said.

”The majority of the school are supporting our rugby teams, but since our under 20 produced great result, many students were following us here to Loto-Tonga,” he said proudly.

Tupou College won their game against Tonga College but before that, they won their game against Tonga High School.  Tonga College and Tonga High School were the two top teams in the under 20 since the beginning of the secondary school football competition in the past years.



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