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Tonga is amongst 6 countries in the world to pilot FIFA Women’s Football project

 FIFA selected Tonga to be part of the pilot phase for FIFA’s new women’s football development programmes.  This project which will focus on participation growth – a key pillar of our women’s football strategy whereby FIFA is aiming to reach 60 million female players by 2026.

The Chief Women’s Football Officer in FIFA, Ms Sarai Bareman said,” Tonga has a strong foundation favouring women’s football development and therefore has been identified as a high potential FIFA member in supporting this goal.”

“Before rolling out our participation strategy globally, it is important that we carry out a successful pilot phase,”said Bareman.

“FIFA’s new approach to women’s football development is to create tailor made projects together with Tonga which support the specific needs of Tonga over a period of 18 months,” added Bareman.

FIFA will appoint a technical expert that will work with Tonga Football especially the Head of Women’s Football on a regular basis.  She will help Tonga Football design long term programme in order to grow the participation of girls into football based on which FIFA support will be awarded (equipment and direct financial investment).

Mr. Lui ‘Aho, Tonga Football’s General Secretary says, “We are very grateful for this opportunity, and we already identified that ‘Eua will be the ideal place to kick start this project.”

“I would like to extend our sincere, gratitude and appreciation to FIFA especially the Women’s Football department for their continued support.  I can assure you that our women’s football division and technical department will co-operate with the FIFA expert to ensure this pilot project is successful.”

FIFA live your goals project was executed in Tonga in 2016 and over 800 young girls participated, also than 40 female coaches benefitted from FIFA Women’s Coaching courses.  Tonga also received a FIFA Women’s Administration workshop for all women’s team administrator two years back.


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