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Welcome to the Home of Football at the Ngahue Reserve for the final day of the OFC U-19 Women’s Championship, and the first match between New Zealand and Tonga. Stay tune for the update on this battle.


  1. Mele AKOLO (GK), 2. Fifi MOALA, 3.Michelle TUITUPOU, 4. Meleseini TUFUI, 5. Siu LATAVAO, 6. nIPA talasinga, 7. Seini LUTU, 8. Pumu TAHOLO, 9. Carmel UHILA, 18. Sose HAVEA, 19. Alexandra FIFITA


20. Helen TAHITUÁ (GK), 10. Teisa FUSI, 12. Ofa ATAONGO, 13. Peta FENUKITAU, 14. Trish LIKILIKI, 15. Fusi VIVILI, 16. Lina TALIAULI, 17. Kalo TALIAULI,

Head Coach: Christian Koaneti

New Zealand

  1. Anna LEAT (GK), 3. Rebecca LAKE (C), 4. Elizabeth ANTON, 5.Sarah MORTON, 6. Grace JALE, 7. Emma MAIN, 8. Malia STEINMETZ, 9. Samantha TAWHARU, 15. Michaela FOSTER, 19. Deven JACKSON


13. Nadia OLLA (GK), Saskia VOSPER, 11. Jacqui HAND, 12. Emma CLARKE, 14. Claudia BUNGE, 16. Nicole METTAM, 17. Dayna STEVENS, 18. Alosi BLOOMFIELD, 20. Serena MURRIHY

Head Coach: Gareth TURNBULL

Referee: Rani PERRY (TAH)

Assistance referee 1: Maria SALAMASINA (SAM), Assistance referee 2. Natalia LUMUKANA (sol)

4th Official: Torika DELAI (FIJ)


90 + 1 minute additional time

89′ GOAL for NZ again NZ 9 – TGA 0

88′ GOAL for NZ by #6 Grac JALE, NZ 8 – 0 TGA

87′ LUTU intercept and makes a run with ball but not success

86′ a corner kick for NZ none of them show up to connect and the ball travel outside

84′ GOAL for NZ by #15 Michaela FOSTER, 7 – 0

81′ Substitute for Tonga #1 Mele AKOLO out, #20 Helen TAHITUA  in

80′ a quick counter attack by NZ and TUFUI intercept and the ball went out

78′ throw in by Siu LATAVAO and Rebecca LAKE stole that ball from Nipa

76′ GOAL for NZ by Deven JACKSON, NZ continue to lead 6 – 0 for Tonga

75′ Blake attempt to score, but the ball travel above the crossbar

74′ Alexandra FIFITA intercept and kick the ball outside

71′ AKOLO seems to be wide awake as she make a beautiful save outside the small box

69′ Now the NZ include their backline so they can bring the game to their half as they are a bit frustrate to score a goal

66′ AKOLO makes a run and jump to catch the ball in the air

64′ another throw in for Tonga and Emma CLARKE won the ball in the air

62′ corner kick for NZ and Fifi MOALA won the ball and she clear it from the dangerous box

61′ a throw in for Tonga but the ball went out and now for NZ to throw in

58′ Tonga backline are working together to avoid another goals for NZ

55′ the NZs pushed back the game and now they move forward but the Tongans are very tight in marking them

50′ a corner kick by FOSTER right to the goal mouth but AKOLO picked up the ball to avoid another goal

48′ another nice save from AKOLO

47′ goal kick by AKOLO and ball went out and gave the NZ a corner kick

Substitute for Tonga #8 Pumu HALAÚNGA out #16 Lina TALIAULI in

Substitute for Tonga  #18 Sosefina HAVEA out -# 14 Trish LIKILIKI in

45 + 2 minutes additional time

44′ TONGA  Captain, #8 Pumu TAHOLO felt to the ground and now they took her out for treatment

40′ MAIN shoot another strong ball but TUFUI quickly covered the goal

38′ direct free kick for NZ, but ball went higher over the crossbar

37′ goal kick from AKOLO but the ball went out

35′ GOAL for NZ by #7 Emma MAIN, 5 – 0

33′ a great and strong shoot from Hannah and AKOLO make a great dive to save

32′ Free kick for NZ and Seini LUTU jumped in to the air to head back the ball from Tonga dangerous box

29′ Tonga Captain, Pumu HALAÚNGA makes a run but #19 Deven JACKSON marked her tightly and lose the ball

27′ Carmel UHILA stole the ball from #15 FOSTER and pass it forward to NZ’s half, but her team mates fail to reach

25′ NZ midfielders pass the ball back to set play from their half

23′ Michelle TUITUPOU made a great intercept but the ball went out

21′ TUFUI appeared in the the small box to clear the ball as AKOLO felt and can not move back

19′ GOAL for NZ again #7 Emma MAIN, 4 – 0

18′ GOAL for NZ by #7 Emma MAIN, NZ still lead 3 – 0

16′ a very short goal kick from AKOLO and it came direct to BLAKE right foot

14′ Siu LATAVAO did a hard block on Sarah MORTON

12′ GOAL for NZ by #7 Emma MAIN, 0 – 2

9′ AKOLO received the ball in the air to avoid score for NZ

8′ GOAL for NZ by #10 Hannah Blake for opening goal of this match 0 – 1

5′ #15 NZ just passed the ball straight to AKOLO

3′ #6 Nipa TALASINGA clear the ball from the dangerous box

2′ Free kick for Tonga by Mele AKOLO, but just a short distance one.

1′ Game kick off, Tonga Gets Underway



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