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Passionate in football open up to great opportunity!

Álipate Tukia of Tonga High School who recently a member of the Tonga National Under 17 football team has been nominated by Tonga Football to represent Tonga to the new pilot initiative ‘’The Oceania Football Education Programme”.

This new pilot initiative is – powered by AIA’’ in Auckland, New Zealand to support aspiring young Asian and Pacific footballers.

AIA is committed to support football across Asia Pacific and its partnership with English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur FC demonstrates the role participation in sport plays in promoting
a healthy lifestyles. AIA also targeted for each individual.

David Chung, OFC President, said, ‘’This is vital as we need to take education and personal development as seriously as football, we are shaping young minds as well as footballer’’.

Chung’s vision is to raise the overall standard of football in Oceania and utilize the power and passion for the game to help promote education, community development, capacity building,
health awareness, cultural exchange and economic development within the football community.

Meanwhile, Tonga High School Principal, Mrs. Ámelia Folaumahina, expressed her surprise also overwhelming to know that now football have the opportunity to send soccer player to study overseas.
She also extended her humble gratitude to Tonga Football for nominating the first one, and very fortunate he is a student of Funga Faaímata’’.

‘’When I received the good news, I thank the Lord for the blessing for Tonga High School, not only that we are overjoy for the fact the first student to select in football comes from Tonga High School,’’
Folaumahina said.

‘’Tukia also an outstanding student and I believe it also help him developing his skills in Football,’’ she added.

The Tonga Football Secretary General, Lui Áho says,’’Tonga FA is very appreciative for this far sighted of this initiative of the OFC President, Mr. David Chung in opening up pathway for our young and talented players development.’’

‘’I am out of words to express my feeling, but definitely I will do all my best so this opportunity will remain open for those behind me’’, Álipate Tukia emotionally said.

Tukia left Tonga to New Zealand on Friday 2nd of September 2016 to study in One Tree Hill College while participating in this OFC Education Centre. The Scholarship provides funding
to cover education – including English language training – coaching, accommodation and living costs of all 13 participants.

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