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Navutoka finished in style!

Navutoka Women’s team nailed one more goal before the final whistle so they could take away the trophy and cash prize of the TFA Women’s League stage 2.  This was one of the most entertain game in all of those previous games. This is the first time to continue on Women’s League from stage 1 to stage 2, plus to include Vavaú.  However, Vavaú brought their two top teams to play against two top teams here in Tongatapu.

The two matches in the beginning of this week, showed the level of football here in Tongatapu, and it has a huge gap between the two islands.  The results of those matches really spell out the differences.

Manatu Liavaá, the Manager for Vavaú Football said, ‘’the level of football in Vavaú is so very poor, and I would like to work on it upon our return.  We do have few coaches that have been trained and will work with them to do proper training with all women’s football team’’. ‘’On the other hand, I am so glad that we came and the Vavaúan girls witnessed that is how football.  This tournament is more like an eye opener to the two top team from Vavaú,” Liavaá added.

In this TFA Women’s League stage 2, the two teams of Tongatapu end up in the final, and that’s Veitongo United and Navutoka.  These two teams consist of former and current national players.  Navutoka recruited older and more experienced players like Éseta Vi, Sofia Filo and few others while Veitongo United have all the young and fast players like Ofaloto Laákulu, Ána Polovili and the rest. During the first half of the final game, Navutoka make a fast move in putting up their first goal on to the score board, and not very long they added another goal, and they lead the whole first half.

Veitongo United were very depressed as they still have no goal in the first half, and it was really showed on the field when the second half commence. After 15 minutes of the second half, Veitongo managed to score their first goal, and within 10 minutes Seini Lutu of Veitongo United added another point and both teams were equal for 2 all.  During the additional time of 2 minutes, the Veitongo United full back kicked the ball out behind the goal, and that’s a corner kick for Navutoka.  Eseta Vi ó Navutoka make a great corner kick, the ball travelled straight to the goal but Emelita Moa, Veitongo’s United goal keeper, showed up in the air and pushed the ball away.  The ball dropped outside the small box, and very unfortunate, none of Veitongo United’s full back saw the ball but Latavao of Navutoka just easily turned around and make a very soft passed  straight to the goal and that’s the final score for Navutoka 3 goals while Veitongo United 2 goals.  Veitongo United kicked off, but for just few seconds, the Referee blew the final whistle, and Navutoka nailed their score 3 and Veitongo United remained with 2 goals.

Lui Muavesi, coach for Navutoka said, ‘’ To god be the glory! Thank you Lord for answering our prayers!  This game was dedicated for Jesus’’.  It’s a history for my village, Navutoka, as in the past 20 years our women’s team were not even closer to top 4 but today Navutoka team becomes the Champion!

Meleoni Uera, Tonga FA Women’s Development officer expressed her gratitude and appreciation to FIFA for making this dream comes true. ‘’I will look into this in the future with probably some changes and I’m also hoping we can get more funds from FIFA to develop Women’s Football,’’ Uera says.

Navutoka is now the Champion, and Veitongo United is the first runner up! The third goes to Hunga Neiafu while Liviela take the fourth place.

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