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Muavesi and Moala inspired by S2L workshop

Lui Muavesi, the Just Play Technical Coordinator and Lafaele Moala, the Just Play Development Officer returned after attending one week in Fiji to participate in the S2L Workshop that conducted in Suva, Fiji to all representatives from 7 countries.

S2L kicked off last year, and Tonga picked it up quickly and spread it out to all the communities that participated in Just Play also few primary schools that heavily involved.


Moala said, ‘’The S2L workshop was really good and it’s really help me improving my knowledge and understanding prior to what I learnt earlier.  I also grabbed new methods from my other colleagues from other countries.’’


‘’Before I left to Fiji, I realized the interest of the children with the S2L program is growing and I could tell how these process assist children in their daily lives,’’ he added.


Moala also believed that all the coaches must go through the S2L courses so they could help those players that they did not have the opportunity to join the Just Play and S2L.


Muavesi has been with the Just Play since the piloting period.


‘’Well, my one week in Fiji was a bonus because I managed to gain more knowledge and skills I also  extended my network to new young leaders from various countries,’’ Muavesi said.


‘’It is very important that this kind of workshop need to do after every six months so we all come together and to analyze what we have done and to work closely with the participants just how we worked back at our various countries.  This is the only way that we could measure how and what we do things at home,’’ Muavesi says.

Muavesi agreed if the S2L introduced to 6 – 12 years children, there will be a huge impact.  But right now, S2L is only for the children at the age of 13 to 16.

Muavesi looked after the Eastern side while Moala looked after the Western side of Tongatapu.