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Marist moving forward

Now the premier league completed it’s fourth round, and it is very impressive how the Marist premier team managed to maintain their ranking since the beginning of the 2017 TFA Major League.


This team always had a place in the top four for the past fifteen years but 2016 they did not do well but since the beginning of this year’s championship, Marist proved they are looking forward for the next step.


Tevita Vea is the team manager and assistant coach and at the same time he is the head of the Referee department.


‘’After five years being away, I noticed that there is a need to revive the club.  I started to negotiate with few players so we started to train before the commencement of this championship.  And we only trained twice a week,’’ he said.


‘’Now we increased our training sessions from twice a week to three times a week and Friday just to talk about our game plan for that weekend, ‘’ Vea added.


‘’I am just like the other coaches, aiming high, and then work harder to achieve.’’ Vea says.


The Marist football club consist of one premier team, one women’s team and a futsal team.


‘’I believe that we have to change our philosophy towards the development of football.   The consistency and accuracy of a proper training provided is vital to the future of the Marist,’’ Vea stressed out.


‘’We are working towards a strategic planning where we already negotiate with the ‘Apifo’ou College to collaborate in the football development.’’

‘’We will assist their students in football activities such as coaching, refereeing, fitness and others and at the same time they will be playing for the Marist respectively.’’

‘’This is a long term plan with lots of hurdles and challenges to overcome for the future of our club and as well as for the benefit of football here in Tonga, ‘’ Vea added.

Marist premier team have few national representatives and they also recruited some young talented players.

The ranking and results


Playing Teams

















1 Veitongo 3 3 10 3 +7 9
2 Marist 4 2 1 1 13 9 +4 7
3 Lotoha’apai 3 2 1 5 1 +4 6
4 ‘Ikale Kolomotu’a 3 1 1 1 6 11 -5 4
5 Ha’amoko 3 1 2 8 8 0 3
6 Navutoka 4 1 3 6 11 -5 3
7 Marist Kauvai 4 2 2 5 10 -5 2
  Playing Team Scores vs Scores Playing Team
1 Marist 2 vs 2 Marist Kauvai
2 ‘Ikale Kolomotu’a 3 vs 1 Navutoka
3 Veitongo 1 vs 0 Lotoha’apai
4. Ha’amoko Bye

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