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Makasini heading to Moscow

Tonga was not qualify to the FIFA World Cup in Russia, but Tevita Makasini was appointed from FIFA to be one of few assistant referees around the world to officiate in one of the biggest sport on earth.

Makasini was so speechless when he received the called that he is appointed for this very important event.

‘’When I received the email, my first react was to pray and thank the God almighty for thy blessing, and to ask for his guidance and protection.  Shortly after that, I then plan out of my training and exercises as I must get fitter before I hit the road to Moscow,’’says Makasini.

‘’My journey to this FIFA World Cup was not easy, but Tevita Vea and Tonga Football offered their support and assistance, so I wish to thank them for everything,’’ he added.

‘’I will work together with my fellow officials from Oceania and of course we must do our best out there,’’ Makasini said.

‘’Finally I wish to thank my Principal for allowing me to travel, and also to my wife and children for continuing to believe in me,’’ Makasini added.

Makasini is currently a tutor at Tailulu College and he has been approved to travel to Moscow to fulfil his duty as an assistant referee.

The Tonga Football Secretary General, Lui ‘Aho is so overwhelmed with the appointment of Makasini.

‘Aho says, ‘’the reappointment of Ti Makasini to the FIFA World Cup in Russia is another milestone to Tonga Football, as we are again represented in the world stage. This reflects the hard work of the Refereeing department in nurturing and training of Makasini which consequently, lifts his level of understanding of football and more so his ability to read the game and follow closely the two teams competing style of play.’’

‘’My vision with referees is to develop more quality Assistant Referees and Referees for future OFC and FIFA tournaments,’’ ‘Aho added.

‘’May I congratulate Makasini for his appointment and I wish he will keep up the good work of being a good ambassador for football and Tonga,’’ ‘Aho said.

Makasini will now travel to Italy for final fitness test then from there to Moscow.

On behalf of the Football communities here in the Kingdom of Tonga, I wish you the very best Tevita Makasini on your journey, do your best then God will do the rest, ‘Ofa Atu.



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