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Lutu became a little shining star!

Seini Lutu óf Veitongo United started to play football when she turned 8 years of age and this was the Just Play program piloted in Tonga in 2009.

Lutu started to like playing football with boys and girls and she hated to miss the program .  Every Saturday she was at the academy with her little brother to join the Just Play activities and she continued to play with her cousins just along the street.  She considered playing with boys while she was the only girl.

‘’I never thought that I would claimed the title in this tournament, but I am so excited to name at the best female player in the whole tournament  and I will continue to practise and play more football as I am still growing, says Seini Lutu.

‘Thank you for giving me this title, and I’m sure this is a gift from God’’, Lutu said.

‘’I was called for the U 19 squad, and I loved it.  I told myself that I need to work hard so I can be select to represent my country for the upcoming OFC Women’s U 19 qualifying, as that’s my motto, she added.

‘’I also aware that there is another regional qualifying at the conclusion of the OFC Women’s U 19; the OFC Women’s U 16, so I will definitely work on my way so I can be in that team too.’’ she says.

The first time Lutu was selected to represent Tonga in 2014 to the OFC Women’s U 20 qualifying in Auckland, New Zealand.  She was then selected in 2015 for the OFC Women’s U 20 and the last time was 2016 for the OFC Women’s U 17 qualifying in the Cook Islands.

Lutu scored 24 points during the U 17 tournament and she was very outstanding on the field.

Kilifi Uele, Tonga FA Technical Director says,  ‘’During this tournament, Lutu who has led the Veitongo team attacking style and she did showed her potential.  Sometime when she received the ball she could manipulated the ball beautifully and strongly  and she also won the ball easily from her opponent.’’

‘’I am happy she is in the U 19 squad, as she needs to continue on training and practising in a proper program as I believe her future is with football’’, Uele says.

‘’Lutu is one of those players that she started very young and she keeps up with it,’’he added.

Lutu just turned 16 in March this year and she is one of the backbones of the Veitongo United team and she is one of those that has the passion for football, and her motto is to continue on representing Tonga on the field of football regionally and internationally.



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