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Just Play Grassroots tournament won by Navutoka

There were fifteen communities engaged during the Just Play grassroots tournament that was trialled for three days.

Many parents gathered at the Loto-Tonga Soccer Center in supporting their children during the Just Play Grassroots tournament and this is the first time for Just Play team collaboration with Tonga Football Technical department to conduct this three days full of fun.

Palu Úhatahi, the Just Play Project Manager was so overwhelmed to witness of many boys and girls from fifteen communities came along to participate in this tournament.

‘’This tournament is just a trial, the main tournament as we planned to kick off later this month,’’ Úhatahi says.

‘’At the moment we are working together to reach out to the rest of those communities that they did not participate in this tournament,’’ Úhatahi added.

In the final games of this tournament, Navutoka and Fasi Moe Afi played to decide who will take the cup.   Both teams played so well and very entertaining, but when the referee blew the final whistle, Navutoka is still leading 3 – 2.

Lui Muavesi, the coach for Navutoka was very excited when his team won the final.

‘’I thanked my team for playing so well today and now we are the champion.  Every day after work, I trained with my team back in the village.  I saw a lot of potential in my team and that urged me to work so hard with this age group so in the near future they will represent Tonga,’’Muavesi says.

‘’We won’t rest after this tournament, we will continue on our training as the main tournament will kick off later this month,’’ Muavesi added.

After the final game, the prize awarded done by Kilifi Uele, the TFA Technical director.

Uele extended his gratitude to all the players, coaches, referees and parents for their commitments, and he reminded them the main tournament.

Just Play grassroots program is still piloting here in Tonga and now they are working together in implementing this content for 12 weeks.

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