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Home of Football effected by Tropical Cyclone Gita

The main island of Tongatapu where the home of football is situated have been devastated by Tropical Cyclone Gita with winds of 230km/h, a category four storm as anticipated destroyed the new futsal court and caused significant damage around the home of football at Valungofulu.

Gita hit Tongatapu and bringing down electricity lines, smashing houses. churches and number of significant landmarks, most notably Paliament House, and levelling fruit trees and crops vital to the island’s livelihood, and causing injuries across the kingdom.

Gita captured widespread flooding and wreckage across the capital.

At the moment, a State of Emergency has been declared in Tonga by acting Prime Minister, Hon. Semisi Sika because of the storm, and shelters were opened to house evacuees.

The nation of 107,000 residents consists of more than 100 islands, but a majority of the population lives on Tongatapu Island, which was battered by the storm. Initial assessments had been done at the home of football, and the new futsal court that was completed in 2015 was partially damaged.

All TFA staff are concerned about the damages sustained by the court and also to the surrounding building.

“I could not believe what has happened to the futsal court when I drove in to check after TC Gita left Tonga,’’ TFA CEO Lui ‘Aho said.

“The red and the blue tiles on top of the court were all rolled to one side of the court and hung over the fence, and it seemed that was done by a group of constructions the other night, but that was done by Gita ‘’ ‘Aho added.

‘’It was only one goalpost found inside the court, and the other one was found four hundred meters away from the court and it’s badly damage.’’

Futsal is still an infant sport here but the competition hosted by Tonga Football last year attracted more new teams. ‘

’We must move the futsal competition that already scheduled to March this year as the aftermath of this strong and terrible TC Gita,’’said ‘Aho

Futsal court was build as part of Tonga Football’s fourth project that covered by FIFA Goal project fund. Apart from the futsal court were smashed but six goalposts were twisted and broke down and they were lied in different locations. The electricity and water is still down at the home of football due to debris blocking roads and many downed power lines,

The staff of Tonga Football all survived despite some their roofs were ripped and flooded houses. Tongans were expected to continue their recovery from this powerful Tropical Cyclone Gita, which In the meantime, we are working closely with our Insurer, National Pacific Insurance to see how best these damages will be covered, and they have been very helpful.

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