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Head Coach Koaneti called his final squads!


The Tonga head coach for the Tonga National Women’s U 19 team, Kalisitiane Koaneti, announced his team to prolong their preparation for the up-coming OFC Wome’s U 19 championship which is scheduled to kick off on the 11 to 24 July 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand.

The squad has been in training since February and today he called his final squad for a one month camping at the Academy before depart for Auckland. He is so looking forward for this camping as he wanted his players to know and understand the purpose of selecting them.

Koaneti says, ‘’My first priority is to get the girls to understand the TEAM MODEL.’’ (i.e. collective organization of how I want them to play).

‘’I have same goal as other coaches,  is to win the tournament but the fact that most of the participating countries are technically superior to us in terms of ball skills, experience etc.  I would also settle for my girls’ best given that they will conduct themselves especially on the field  in accordance to what is expected of them.’’ (i.e. TEAM MODEL).

He also considered three players who are currently playing in New Zealand, and they will meet the team in Auckland.

Koaneti says, ‘’The inclusion of overseas-based players is vital to the campaign in the sense that they have more experience, game time and exposure. This will boost the team’s morale and confidence as most of the local players haven’t experience the magnitude of such event.’’

‘’At the moment what the girls needed most is moral support. Using the Media to publicize our campaign will surely help do just that, ‘’ he added.

‘’Last but not the least, there are so many things to grasp in very little time. In order for things to go smoothly there’s a need for all concern stakeholders to work collaboratively in supporting the campaign,’’ highlighted Koaneti.

Koaneti is a full time teacher at Tonga College, and he also in-charged of the TFA Futsal match officials.  Coaching is not new to Koaneti, as in 2016 he was the head coach for the Tonga National Women’s U 17 to Cook Islands for the OFC Women’s U 17 qualification.  Koaneti is also undertaking OFC B Licensed course for coaches and will complete at the end of the year.

The team management is leading by Suliasi Vivili, a member of the Tonga Football Association’s Executive Board.

Vivili planned to take the team to Auckland in a week before the tournament to play a friendly match with one of the best team in Auckland.

The team is as follow:

Names:                                                                                                                Football Club:

  1. Meleseini Tufui                                                                                         Veitongo FC
  2. Heilala Moala                                                                                            Lotohaápai FC
  3. Manusiu Latavao                                                                                       Marist FC
  4. Kalolaine Taliaúli                                                                                     Fasi Moe Afi FC
  5. Lina Taliaúli              “
  6. Seini Lutu                                                                                                  Veitongo FC
  7. Mele Kafa                                                                                                  Talafoóu FC
  8. Siunipa Talasinga Kalapu VEitongo
  9. Hala’unga Taholo                                                                                    Toa Girls FC
  10. Mele Ákolo                                                                                                Talafoóu FC
  11. Lositika Feke                                                                                            Toa Girls FC
  12. Florence Hakalo                                                                                      Kolisi Kuini Salote
  13. Fusipala Vivili                                                                                          Kolomotuá
  14. Heleni Tahituá                                                                                         Veitongo FC
  15. Patricia Likiliki                                                                                        Tonga High School
  16. Alexandria Fifita                                                                                     Fasi Moe Afi FC
  17. Carmel Uhila                                                                                           New Zealand
  18. Mitchelle Tuítupou                                                                                 New Zealand
  19. Malia Fabian Tongia                                                                              New Zealand.