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Faithful, Obedience and Love

Today,  the Secondary School Soccer committee with teams and players from various schools gathered at the Home of Football, Loto-Tonga for the prize awards after the completion of their competition for this year, 2017.

The said tournament was kicked off in early June this year with 17 secondary schools registered, that consisted of 67 teams altogether.  Tonga Football in collaboration with the Secondary Soccer committee organised this tournament and conducted to run for more than 14 weeks.

The prizes were awarded to the winners, first runner up, second runner up and the third runner up of all the four divisions both girls and boys, and there were also other prizes awarded to the best players from all the divisions, best goal keepers and the most goal scorers from all the divisions.

The guest of honour in this event was Ms. Harvalene K Sekona, the chairman of the principal association of all the Latter Days Saints schools here in Tonga.

‘’First of all I would like extend my hearty thanks to every players that participated in this year’s tournament.  Without you players, we won’t be here today, ‘’ says Sekona.

‘’in this occasion, the winners we witnessed today,  gave me a very vital message to pass on to all of us here today.  They really highlighted of what they did right from the beginning of this tournament.  They dedicated their time and make sacrifices to stay after hours to train and prepared for the next games.   They arrived an hour earlier before their scheduled, and they really followed what their coaches planned for them on the field.    And on top of that they really showed their love for their schools and their team mates.  So they are reminding us in everything we do, we must be faithful, obedience  and love, and don’t forget to love our God he is our provider.’’

‘’With these we will be able to win a prize and not only in football but in any sports and of course it will also apply to your studies and your career.  Wishing you all the best, and congratulation to those teams receiving prizes today,’’ Sekona said.

The Awards:

Best Players:   U 13 Melaia Polovili (Tonga HS)       – Pau Likiliki (Tonga Side Schools)

Best Players:   U 15 Mele Kafa (QSC)                       – Heneli Fakavai (TGMS)

Best Players:   U 17 Seini Lutu (Tupou HS)               – Tevita Sili (TCA)

Best Players:   U 20 Meleseini Tufui (QSC)               – Átunaisa Namoa (TCT)


Best Overall Goalkeepers

Juniors Girl:     Ófa Feáo (Tonga HS)             Junior Boy: Sitaleki Tuálau (TCA)

Senior Girl:      Mele Manu (QSC)                  Senior Boy: Ófa Kite



Top Goal Scorers


U 13:   (Girls)  Ánafakavai (TGMS)               –           (Boys) Henry Tuíono (TLC)

U 15:  (Girls) Lositika Feke (Tonga HS)        –           (Boys) Heleli Fakavai (TGMS)

U 17:  (Girls) Mele Ákolo (Tupou HS)           –           (Boys) Pesamino Tomasi (AFC)

U 20:  (Girls) Florence Hakalo (QSC)            –           (Boys) Átunaisa Namoa (TCT)


Team Awards:


U 13: Girls –    4th – GMS Kolovai

3rd – Tonga Side School

2nd – GMS Talafoóu

1st – Tonga High School


U 15: Girls –    4th – Ápifoóu College

3rd – Takuilau College

2nd – Queen Salote College

1st – Tonga High School


U 17: Girls –    4th – Tupou High School

3rd – Tailulu College

2nd – Tonga High School

1st – Queen Salote College


U 20: Girls –    4th – Tupou High School

3rd – Queen Salote College

2nd – Ápifoóu College

1st – Tonga High School


U 13: Boys –    4th – LDS Havelu

3rd – Tailulu College

2nd – Tupou College

1st  – Tonga Side School


U 15: Boys –    4th – Tailulu College

3rd – GMS Talafoóu

2nd – Tupou College

1st – Ápifoóu College


U 17: Boys –    4th – Ápifoóu College

3rd – Tailulu College

2nd – Tupou College

1st – Tonga College


U 20: Boys –    4th – Tonga College

3rd – Tonga High School

2nd – Tailulu Collelge

1st – Tupou College



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