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FIFA’s “11 for Health” shaping up in Tonga.

The Fifa funded “11 for Health” Teachers’ & Coaches’ Training Course, which kicked-off at the Home of Football at Valungofulu, ‘Atele, brings together a total of 30 teachers and coaches from the 15 selected piloting high schools.
They are to learn and discover “11 for Health” under the guidance of Dr. Astrid Junge of Fifa’s Medical and Research Center [F-MARC], FIFA Instructor Mary-Joyce Liu Yuk Pat-Agathe and Gudrum Grasshoff, and also Emmie Soppe of OFC.
“We are here to teach these teachers about what 11 for Health is all about and how to implement and conduct its features in their various schools.” Dr. Junge said.
The participants also include National Project Leader, Pau Likiliki, who believes the course marks is a positive sign.
“We are getting closer to the official launching of 11 for Health in Tonga and I think this training is the most important aspect we need to achieve before we start.” Likiliki said.
“I think it’s a good start and for us to learn what we need to know so we can be able to teach those kids we are about to work on with the right material and they will get the message rightfully.” Likiliki added.
“11 for Health” is a FIFA initiative that uses the Sport of Football as a tool for enhancing and improving children’s knowledge, attitudes and behavior towards diseases and prevention, through 11 simple messages.
Since it first introduction to Tonga in March, the program itself received solid support from all corners, including the Ministry of Education in agreeing to allow “11 for Health” to be implemented into schools and also the Ministry of Health, who believes the program will be an important tool that will help their campaign against NCDs in Tonga.
The Fifa “11 for Health” Teachers’ & Coaches’ Training Course will come to a close on Saturday, July 7.

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