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Lord Ve’ehala retains presidency.

This will be Lord Ve’ehala’s fifth term since 1996, when he was first elected president. The President secured eleven (11) of the eligible sixteen (16) votes available. Lord Veehala currently sits in the Oceania Football Confederation’s (OFC) executive committee after being elected earlier in January 2011 at the OFC congress in American Samoa, a position formerly held by former TFA General Secretary, ‘Ahongalu Fusimalohi, who was ousted by the world football governing authority, FIFA, following allegations late last year.
The successful congress also elected Paula Ma’u, formerly vice president, to the position of Senior Vice President.
Honourable Moimoi Vaea retained his Vice President seat, alongside Lady Robin Kaho Tuivakano and newcomer ‘Alone Veatufunga of Longoteme Football Club.
Fetu’u Vea is elected unopposed as treasurer after the associations long serving treasurer, Lui Aho, took up official appointment as General Secretary/CEO on January 1st 2011.
President Lord Ve’ehala, in his official statement thanked the congress for his re-election.
“My sincere gratitude and thanks, first and foremost, goes to all club representatives for vesting their confidence in myself and the new executives. I look forward in working with the football staff together with communities and school as we strive towards achieving TFA’s vision of becoming Tonga’s number one sport in 2020” Ve’ehala said
The meeting, which saw all members of the congress in attendance, received departmental reports, audited financial and the budget and estimates for 2011, which sits in the vicinity of more then TOP$1.2 million.
TFA General Secretary, Lui Aho, who had been the treasurer since 1980, said the 2010 reports reflects well on OFC and FIFA’s investment in Tonga’s football developments and a great indicative of the future for the game.
“2010 audited financial report for me has sentimental values as its my last report together with a great colleague and reflects an excellent team work with the former General Secretary, Ahongalu Fusimalohi, who unfortunately is not available however he has done a great deal for Tonga Football association. Nonetheless, 2010 goes down on TFA history with the biggest expenditure per year.” Aho said.
On the other hand, 2011 looks promising for all football clubs and communities, Vava’u included, as the general secretary highlighted during the congress the importance of football clubs and their role in the organization and reminded clubs that they own Tonga Football Association.
“The difference between 2010 and 2011 budget is that the new budget is heavily focused on developments as FIFA’s investment in Tonga is for the development and growth of football, especially our national teams to compete in the Oceania region, including FIFA sanctioned matches, from the grassroots to top level football, and as a result the clubs are the beneficiaries. When you talk about football developments, it means football at club level, having said that, 2011 will see clubs who are owners of the game benefiting the most” Lui Aho said.
2011 will see more football activities and competitions scheduled and that includes the Australian Government funded Just Play program at primary school level.
The congress, which was also attended by TFA’s legal advisor, Lord Tupou, also endorsed four (4) new football clubs, Halaleva, Nukulela, Valongolongo and Hala Tahi-Navutika, bringing TFA’s total active clubs to twenty (20).