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“11 for Health” workshop a closes in high colors.

The course started on Tuesday, July 3 with 24 teachers and coaches from the 11 selected piloting schools, who came together to learn and to be educated of how to implement the program and how to deliver the messages to their respective students.
After 5 days of hard work, Dr. Astrid Junge of FIFA Medical and Research Center [F-MARC] praised the outcome.
“In general, it is a very positive result and the participants enjoyed the program and they learned a lot. I think it’s a success.”
Dr. Junge also highlights the vital part of the project and she believes “11 for Health” will sink into Tonga efficiently.
“The more important part of the project will happen now and that is when the teachers implement the program in school and educate their children and encourage the children to also spread the message to their friends and family.”
“However, I’m absolutely sure that the project will be successfully implemented into Tonga because the program is fun for children and this is the best way the get the children’s motivation and participation.” She added.

FIFA instructor Gudrum Grasshoff, who took control of most of the session, praises the participants.
“In the beginning it was a little hard but everything went well and the message went across very easy. The participants did really enjoy and had fun during the program and that’s what its all about and I think it is a success.”
“Now they have to familiarize themselves with it and be confident of what they are going to teach to their students.” She added.
Meanwhile, Josefa Batinreu of ‘Api Fo’ou College cited how important the program will be.
“The training is very informative on the health aspect and developing a healthy lifestyle in the community. I believe that implementing this program will help and contribute a lot to the health of the people of Tonga regarding the issue that Tonga is so vulnerable to obese led diseases.”
By the way Tonga Football Association, FIFA and the 15 piloting schools are looking forward to the official launching of “11 for Health” in Tonga in the coming weeks.
“11 for Health” is a Fifa football initiative that focuses on delivering messages that will improve people’s health and to reduce the incidents of communicable and non-communicable diseases.
The messages are:
1. Play Football
2. Respect girls and women
3. Protect yourself from HIV
4. Avoid drugs, alcohol and Tobacco
5. Control your weight
6. Wash your hands
7. Drink clean water
8. Eat balance diet
9. Get vaccinated
10. Take your prescription/medication
11. Play Fair
The idea is to teach children of how to live a healthy life and how to avoid diseases when they are adults.

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