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Effective sessions the aim of senior course

Led by instructor for FIFA Simon Toselli and Tonga Football Association technical director Kilifi Uele, the course is aimed at participants who are actively involved in senior football coaching players from 17 years old.
“The course aim is to provide coaches with the ability to plan, deliver and evaluate coaching sessions for players 17 years old and over, which is underpinned by an understanding of the principles of the game,” Toselli says.
“We want to equip the coaches with the necessary tools to be more effective on the field and provide more suitable training sessions at senior level.
“Coaches have to analyse their players’ characteristics and define their game model. They will then have to find training that relates to the way they want to play, which sounds simple but is hard to implement,” he explains.
Toselli says the basis of this approach is to build for the future.
“This is a long term process with 40 hours spent on the course, plus an additional week to conduct the assessment with senior players. We will then follow up on the coaches working with their own club teams within a six month window.”
The content of the course includes understanding player development, the coaching approach, key elements of coaching, goalkeeping and the Laws of the Game.
“Each candidate has a coaching handbook to complete and return by the end of the week. We hold twice-daily practical sessions with the objective of improving team performance as well as player tasks and actions within the game model.
“Candidates have to remain active at a senior level to be certified,” he concludes.
The course was attended by 19 candidates including TFA staff, national team and club coaches, as well as several coaches who attended the previous edition of this course held in 2012.
Among the coaches was Tonga senior player Penateti Feke who recently participated in the OFC Women’s Nations Cup but who also led the national U-20 team at the 2014 OFC U-20 Women’s Championship in February.
Feke’s debut as a coach saw her lead the side to a 3-1 loss to New Zealand and they beat Vanuatu 4-0. With a bright future ahead in the coaching game for the constantly improving Feke, Toselli believes the course will lend a helping hand to her development and confidence in the role.
“All of the coaches have been motivated and keen to learn,” he says.
“We talked about developing a team through a precise process: the game model. Coaches have to define the way they want their team to play through the four moments of the game. Each training session will then be directed to acheive that.
“The overall aim of the course is to provide the coaches with the knowledge to deliver more effective training sessions at senior level.
“It is sometimes a new concept or delivery style for them, but interaction has been great during the week. Everyone stepped up and accepted the challenge of facing players with precise principles of play to develop.
“It is key that coaches digest the delivered information and go back to their club to improve the level and we will follow up with Kilifi during the next six months to see how the process has come along.”
The FIFA Senior Coaching Course was held in Tonga at the TFA headquarters from 17-21 November.