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TFA 2012 Major League set to go

The 2012 edition of the annual club championship will finally come to light after being deferred from its usual time due to the mourning period for the late King, George Tupou V who passes away in March this year and also some technical issues.
The competition will feature 21 franchises, including 3 new bloods, providing 47 teams to compete in 5 different divisions, the Premier [7 teams], Division 1 [15 teams], Women’s Championship [9 teams], Men’s U14 [12 teams] and Women’s U15 [4 teams].
The additional in club numbers represent the growing popularity of the Game in the Kingdom.
“We are happy to see new clubs coming in this year and hopefully we will see more in the future but we are happy to warmly welcome Fasi-moe-Afi FC, Vaini FC and Halatahi Sharks FC on board.” Says Penateti Feke, TFA’s competition manager.
Fasi and Halatahi are coming into the fray to compete in men’s tier 2 category, women’s and the U14 boys while Vaini focuses only the age group level.
However, 2011 Division 1 champion Veitongo FC along with runners-up Popua FC are drafted into the Premier this year replacing Manuka FC and ‘Ahau FC who are being relegated back to Division 1.
Former national champion Veitongo and ‘Ahau will face strong and tough challenges playing in the top flight against tournament favorite and reigning champion Lotoha’apai United FC among other heavyweights in the likes of Marist FC, Kolofo’ou Lions FC and Longoteme FC.
Manuka and ‘Ahau are expected to dominate Division 1 but they will have to overcome any threat from the remaining 13 teams in the category.
Old rivals Nuku’alofa 11, Veitongo FC, Toa Girls and Lapaha will once again fight for the women’s title, which was won by Veitongo last year.
Meanwhile the age level is brought in this year in part of the youth development proposals building up for future national and international commitments.
To be marked as a good start, 12 teams are to compete in the men’s category and the women’s to start with 4.
The 2012 Major League football competition is expected to run 3 months and the finals to be played in December.
Divisions and Teams details:
Premier Division
1. Lotoha’apai United FC
2. Popua FC
3. Marist FC
4. Ha’amoko United Youth FC
5. Veitongo FC
6. Kolofo’ou Lions FC
7. Longoteme FC
Division 1
1. Longteme FC
2. Ha’amoko United Youth FC
3. Veitongo FC
4. Manuka FC [2 teams]
5. Nukuleka FC
6. Longolongo FC
7. Fasi-moe-Afi FC [2 teams]
8. ‘Ahau FC
9. Ngele’ia Warlords FC
10. Navutoka Cowboys FC
11. Halatahi Sharks FC
12. Folaha FC
13. Lapaha Knights FC
Women’s Championship
1. Marist FC
2. Veitongo FC
3. Longolongo FC
4. Fasi-moe-Afi FC
5. Ngele’ia Warlords FC
6. Lapaha Knights FC
7. Lomaiviti FC
8. Nuku’alofa 11 FC
9. Kolomotu’a FC
Under 14 Women’s
1. Marist FC
2. Veitongo FC
3. Lapaha Knights FC
4. Vaini Doves FC
Under 14 Men’s
1. Marist FC
2. Veitongo FC
3. Manuka FC
4. Nukuleka FC
5. Longolongo FC
6. Fasi-moe-Afi FC
7. ‘Ahau FC
8. Navutoka Cowboys FC [Reagan Milstein]
9. Lapaha Knights FC
10. Folaha FC
11. Lomaiviti FC
12. Vaini Doves FC

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