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Never too small to dream big

Tongans may have dubbed it the smallest school in the kingdom, but to Sophia Fakava – a young mother-turned-teacher in the small village of Nualei in Hahake district – it presented the biggest challenge of her life.
TFA’s Acting General Secretary, Lui ‘Aho said in an emotional speech that the country is in needs of such citizens, “ Sophia’s commitment and dedication to a vision that benefits our community is what is needed in Tonga today and Tonga’s football family will strive hand in hand with Sophismile Kindergarten with every possible means”.
Sophia is the principal of Sophisimile kindergarten— student population, eleven.
Sophismile kindergarten was founded in 2008 and went into operation on the 17 March 2008 with 5 students. Although student numbers tend to fluctuate throughout the year, the highest recorded number of student reached 24 heads.
Sophia began teaching at the school, which services the tiny village, after completing a six week foundation course with the ministry of Education.
In need of materials and resources, the school places a strong emphasis on being environmentally friendly and creative recycling to get by.
“We got some used papers from the Government Ministries for the kids to write on.” Sophia said.
“Sophismile Kindergarten proves that being small is only a state of mind” Aho said.
To mark the occasion, TFA officials presented a football kit to the school and will launch the Australian Funded grassroots development program “Just Play” in the beginning of the new school year

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