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TFA Club Licensing Manager

The TFA implementation plan outlined the appointment of a Club Licensing manager as she must carry out duties to ensure all administration
and management related to club licensing will be enabled to perform nationwide. This is such as announce the implementation of National Club Licensing
to clubs, provide assistance to all clubs with those criteria aim to safeguard the credibility and integrity of club competitions while improving the level of
professionalism within the football family and promoting transparency in the finances, ownership and control of clubs.
‘’I am very grateful for the opportunity and the trust that given to me so I now have to follow the TFA implementation strategic plan together with club
licensing regulations.” ‘’This development tool is indeed a career advancement hence challenging but I am willing to take up such opportunity given that
I am a fast learner and this will diversify my knowledge and experience for the better future of football in Tonga.’’
‘’ My very first task is to get familiarize and understand more the process of Club Licensing and to try and provide as much info as possible for the clubs,” Feke added.
“The football clubs here in Tonga will have different perspectives about club licensing but that is where TFA comes in. TFA has draft out licensing regulation in accordance
to FIFA Club Licensing Regulation to suffice our current standards. Therefore we will be facing great challenges in this implementation period but for the brighter future,
TFA will need to start pushing club members to get in line with our club licencing system,’’ Feke enthuses.
Feke will merged both her duties before she continue to look at a much more interactions with different perspectives than the usual from current and clubs that are yet to engage.
In line with this process, a special seminar on Club Licensing Process will be held later on this year with the full participation of all the teams taking part in the TFA Major League 2016.