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Reagan Milstein Foundations will continue their donation of gears for Tonga FA

RMF was established in November 2010, with the mission of “putting smiles on faces all over the world through football”.
The majority of its work revolves around creating opportunities to less fortunate young people across the world to play the beautiful game by providing donations of equipment.
RMF has a developed a number of initiatives and programmes to help less fortunate children in Australia, Tonga, Vanuatu, Cook Island, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vietnam and many other countries in Asia.
“Tonga was one of the first nations to benefit from us in 2012 and so far is one of the nation’s most grateful to receive all the football gears and equipment we sent across,” Milstein says.
“And it’s important for me to come as I need to see if it makes an impact with those gears and not only the impact but to find out what else can be done in the future for Tonga.
“It was not only football gears, there was also schooling materials donated to Special Needs groups at the Ofa Tui Amanaki Centre and to Marist Primary School yesterday. These schooling items were collected by a teacher in Australia and now she has seen the photos, she has requested if her school can have direct contact with the Tongans who received their schooling items.”
Milstein mentioned that big plans are on the horizon for the foundation, which might be able to sponsor talented youngsters from the Pacific Islands or Asia.
“It’s about the connection with the kids.”
He also assured that RMF will continue on donating football gears and schooling items as long it will helps Tongan.
TFA General Secretary, Mr. Lui Áho says, ‘’being the most beneficiary, we count it as our blessing as it’s a great assistance to us as we are trying to develop football here in Tonga.
“Everyone is aware that Tonga is a rugby nation but we realised RMF donated gear for grassroots kids and we’ve been able to attract more young players to play football,” Aho says.
“Upon receiving all gears and equipment, we make sure it’s distributed to clubs that are badly in need and also to communities that have their grassroots football and Just Play programme.
‘’We are full of gratitude and appreciation to RMF for their continued support.”
Last but not least, Milestein mentioned his son Reagan, who inspired him to create the Reagam Milstein Foundation.
“There is no greater honour that we can bestow on the memory of our beautiful Reagan than to help others in his name.”