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TFA appointed of newly head coach for Tonga Men’s U 20

A Head Coach has a lot of very important responsibilities. In most of the time he/ she has to work a lot more than his own players and coaches.
He / She has to sacrifice his / her own needs in order to ensure that those he/she is overlooking reach and fulfill theirs. An overarching outlook on and off the field – for players,
coaches and traveling officials to ensure that success is achieved.
‘’When I called to take up the Tonga Men’s U 20 team, I knew I will work really hard as well as I must make a lot of sacrifices in order for me to do the right thing,’’ stressed out Moala.
“In the meantime, I had a squad of 44 players and the final selections will take place towards the end of April. We had agreed with the technical director, Kilifi Uele that
we will bring four (4) top players from Vavaú,’’ said Moala.
‘’It is good to see few young and new players amongst the squad, and I also realized few those experienced players from previous U 20s’ and that is a bonus for my team,’’he added,
‘’I am working closely with my technical team including the team Technical Advisor, Kilifi Uele, to get the combination of some of the new players which have been drafted in the squad.’’
‘’As every other coaches, my aim is to win the tournament, as we are the host country. I wish our people will come to Loto-Tonga to support our team as I believe there will be a
huge impact on our team if we have our families, friends and local football fan to cheers for our team, said Moala.
The squad has been called for few weekend camping and upon the final selections, they will camp for a month as the tournament draw nearer.
Moala and his technical team are proposing for few international friendlies before the tournament, but yet to identify the country and teams.
In the previous OFC Men’s U 20 qualifying in 2015, Tonga finished in the pool round.