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Marist books a spot against Loto Ha’apai in the finals

Marist, who took on Kolofo’ou in the second deciding game last Saturday had to play a rematch during the week after referee, Vunisea Moa, stopped the tightly contested showdown as the game spilt over to extra time at nil all due to unfavourable conditions.
The rematch, which took place on Wednesday afternoon, saw Marist set the pace earlier in the game with a goal scored the only goal of the day in the first 10minutes by Alipate Moeaki.
Kolofoou who has been very impressive during the season, simply could not find good finishes in front of the goal, and were further distracted as the rain sets in.
Marist Coach, Kinikinilau, said it had been an exhausting week for the team but is thrilled with the victory.
“We pulled through as a team, and the boys were determined to defend our title. Kolofoou is a tough team and I am glad we’ve got that behind us, now we are looking forward to retain our position in this season” Kinikinilau said.
Meanwhile, the old time favourites, Loto Ha’apai, proved they are a force to be reckoned with after thrashing Longoteme 8-0 in the first deciding game last Saturday.
Loto Ha’apai, who have been dominating past seasons, fell short of the title last year to Marist but will look to regain supremacy.
“We are ready to cause an upset on in the finals although it will be a very close game, all I can say is that my boys are well prepared to meet Marist” Loto Ha’apai Coach Timote Polovili said.
In other finals, Loto Ha’apai will challenge Marist in the womens division, while Veitongo with take on Popua in the first division.
Premier Division
Final: Marist Vs Loto Haapai
3rd & 4th: Kolofoou Vs Longoteme
Final: Veitongo Vs Popua
3rd & 4th: Folaha Vs Nautoka
Womens Division:
Final: Marist Vs Loto Ha’apai
3rd & 4th: Nukualofa 11 Vs Toa Ladies

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