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Three Main Districts One day Tournament in Tongatapu!

In the Eastern district, there were eight communities gathered together at Kolonga Middle School, while eight communities in the Central district and six communities at the Western district.
Every communities, brought U 8 team mixed girls and boys, U 10, U 12 and U 14, and they played round robin.
“We put up this tournament, to give more opportunities to the children to play more football game, ”said Palu Úhatahi, the Just Play Project Manager. “ We are looking forward for the District
tournament that will be held again on the 28th of November 2015.” ” This tournament will all come together to the TFA Academy to compete for who will be the champion for the U 8, U 10, U 12
and U 14.” ”For the future, we will put up a one day tournament in every quarter, “she added
Alifeleti Tupou of Fuaámotu, reported, ‘’When I was told by our volunteer, that today will be a one day tournament, I could not sleep last night, as I wanted to play football.”
‘’Soccer is my favourite sport, and I wish in the future I will be a football player to represent Tonga,” Tupou said. “We lost to Muá Community today, but we will do better in the next tournament
and I will help my team mate to train everyday”, he added.
Most of all the supporters of these twenty two communities participated were very excited and they enjoyed. At the conclusion of the tournament in Kolonga Middle School, there were prizes awarded
by Muavesi, Just Play Officer.
‘’These prizes are to remind you how you did in this tournament, so the next tournament, it will remind you how you did before and it will give you more courage to perform better”, said Muavesi.
Just Play program is growing very strong and they are to reach out to all communities here in Tonga.