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TFA attends 5th FIFA Women’s Football Symposium

Tonga Football Association General Secretary, Lui Aho and the Head of Women’s Football Development, Adelaide Tuivailala, will be among 500 delegates from FIFA’s 208 member associations attending the symposium from 15-17 July.

The conference aims to improve the general structure and development of women’s football, increase the number of participation and competitions and above all promote the game.

TFA’s has prioritized women’s football in the kingdom and for the General Secretary, Lui ‘Aho, the conference will bring about improvements to existing development plans.

“This symposium will help us to restructure, improve and promote our developments for women football in the Country especially as our National Women’s team is ranked third Oceania region and Tonga should be proud of” ‘Aho says.

Women’s football has become a worldwide sporting phenomenon and a key driver of growth for the sport of football all around the world.
Today, some 26 million women and girls play football and one in every ten footballers on this planet is female.

FIFA has been supporting the development and growth of women’s football since the late 1980s, and has designed clear policies for its promotion.
While in Germany, the duo will attend the 6th FIFA Women’s World Cup finals in Frankfurt and are due back to Tonga on the 18 July.

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