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It’s a new phase for Tonga!

Since, Solomon Islands team did well in 2006 FIFA Beach Soccer Championship, Tonga started to plan of when would be beach soccer land in the friendly island.
Mr. Paul Toohey, OFC Futsal and Beach Soccer Development Officer conducted three days beach soccer coaching course for all beach soccer coaches in Pangai, Haápai.
This couse was started on Wednesday 28 to 30th October at the Taufaáhau and Pilolevu Hall.
Toohey said, ‘’The idea for this week event really began two years ago at the FIFA beach soccer world cup in Tahiti. We had seminar, and Kilifi Uele, Tonga Football Technical Director,
presented in the seminar a long term vision of beach soccer for Tonga. At that time, he identified Haápai is the place in Tonga that really good for beach soccer.
Then last year, we had the course in Tongatapu and we all agreed, Haápai is the best place so it has been two years in the making for this event,” he added.
‘’It is a big success and also Peni Fatafehi, Development Officer in Haápai, done a very good job also Uele when especially there were cyclone early last year. I knew there were very
little football activities after the cyclone, and here we had eighteen months later, we are here to focus on the course and developing beach soccer. The main idea behind this course
was to begin a new phase of development in beach soccer in Tonga. The focus was on long-term planning, identifying facilities to play beach soccer, developing grassroots activities and
organising regular competitions at all levels, particularly as an extension to the existing football season,” explained Toohey.
There were twenty-one beach soccer coaches from all over Lifuka and Foa, those are the two main islands of Haápai participated and it was clear for all to see that the region had a tremendous,
if still raw, potential in the sport.
The Govenor of Haápai, Honorable Moále Finau extended his gratitude to Tonga Football Association for bringing beach soccer to Haápai and he will do his best to assist as much
as he could to develop this beautiful game.
‘’I believe beach soccer will open many opportunities for the youth of Haápai, as I heard there are beach soccer competitions in our region, also worldwide.” said the Governor.