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Arrival of Tonga Football newly Coach Mentor!

This is a very beautiful and cool morning here at Loto-Tonga Soccer Centre when Mr. Lui Áho, Tonga Football Association’s General Secretary warmly welcomed
Mr. Phillip Pickering Parker of New Zealand, as he has just begun his new role as the Coach Mentor for Tonga Football Association.
‘’It has been awhile since we awaited to fulfil our dream of receiving you to be our Coach Mentor, said Áho.
‘’You arrived on time for early preparation of our U 17 and U 20s qualifying in June and July 2016,’’ he added.
Parker recently completed 10 years of service with the globally recognised Coever Coaching method and held positions as Academy Coach and Technical Director
during his tenure before he took up this new job. He left New Zealand last Saturday evening and flew down to meet his new work mates here at the Tonga Football today.
Parker exhilarates, “I am very excited, very excited! I am very proud I know my mom is not here anymore, but I know my mum must be really proud as she always asked
when am I going to give back something to my Tongan heritage. I am very proud that I am able to do that now, I think the time is right for me. I think I achieved what I need
to achieve in the other area of my life now, and I am certain this is the right time for me to give my time, commitment and my efforts to Tonga, and try to help Tonga,” Parker enthuses.
Parker is confident that his Tongan blood will keep him very enthusiastic to assist in every way and he already indicated few responsibilities that he had in mind so pretty
looking forward to do that during his terms with Tonga Football.
Kilifi Uele, Technical Director expressed his excitement to work together with Parker so they could map out what is best for Tonga Football in the Technical area.