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United too strong for Ha’amoko

The game that was seen to be a remake of the 2011 final but the reigning champion United was too strong for their opponent, who fought with courage but didn’t last long.
Ha’amoko made a good start coming out with some furious attacks in the opening minutes that got them so close to score but the star studded United team was ruthless with their defensive game, led by captain and international striker Ma’ake ‘Uhatahi.
‘Uhatahi was happy with his team’s performance.
“They came out strong in the first half but we managed to hold our lines and I think it’s one of our best form so far.”
“It’s a good start for us and we will build our confident from there onwards.”
They picked up momentum deep in the first half scoring two goals to lead 2-0 at the break.
United built on that lead throughout the third quarter in a contest that looked lopsided at the end.
However, Ha’amoko coach Koli Vakatapu took advantages from the game promising a better one next time.
“We got lots to learn from this match and with respect to Lotoha’apai, we will be back.”
“My players were a bit rusty out there so we will do some fine tuning and we will be back next week. Hopefully we will meet United again in the final.” Vakatapu added.
Meanwhile, Longoteme FC gave newly promoted Veitongo FC a tough time, beating the 2011 Division 1 champion 5-0 on their first Premier match.
Led by playmaker Fineasi Palei, Longoteme controlled every facet of the game from start to end.
With Popua FC having a bye on week 1, Marist FC was also unstoppable, thumping Kolofo’ou Lions 6-0 in the other Premier level match of the day.
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Other results:
Division 1.
Halafuoleva 2-1 Fasi-moe-Afi 1
‘Ahau 14-0 Fasi-moe-Afi 2
Folaha 5-0 Hamoko
Navutoka 8-0 Lapaha
Manuka 7-0 Longoteme
Ngele’ia 6-0 Halatahi
Longolongo 1-1 Vaikasila
Women’s Championship.
Lapaha 0-0 Nuku’alofa 11 (default)
Toa Girls 0-0 Navutoka (default)
Lomaiviti 10-0 Kolomotu’a
Marist 4-0 Veitongo
Men’s Under 14
Veitongo 2-3 Vaini
Manuka 1-1 Marist
Longolongo 0-3 Folaha
Navutoka 7-0 Nukuleka
Lomaiviti 5-0 Fasi-moe-Afi
Women’s Under 15
Lapaha 3-0 Marist
Veitongo 2-1 Vaini

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