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Futsal kicked off in style with 14 Women’s teams participated.

Calling women to start with futsal is also aiming to attract more female players to play the game. Tonga Football organised women’s division to start with futsal before their major league competition.
Penateti Feke, TFA Competition Manager says, ‘’in the past years the TFA Major League for both men and women always kicked off same time, but 2016 is different. The major league for men started earlier and then organised FUTSAL for women and girls then their major league will be follow.’’
“The futsal for women and girls brought 14 women’s football clubs to participate in this event, which is a good sign for the development of women’s football here in Tonga”, says Feke.
The futsal competition is running during the week on Tuesday and Thursday evening, and they are divided into two pools. Tonga FA were very fortunate to build a Futsal Court under the FIFA Goal Project in 2015.
The Manager for Kolomotuá Futsal team, Lupe Tufui said, ‘’I totally agreed to bring the girls to play futsal before their eleven aside as I could tell they are improved technically.’’
The result as per first round!
Pool A
1. Veitongo United vs Nukunuku = 8 – 0
2. Ha’amoko vs Lotoha’apai Girls 11 = 3 – 0
3. Fasi & Afi vs Toa Girls = 0 – 2
4. Veitongo vs Fasi & Afi = 6 – 0
5. Nukunuku vs Ha’amoko = 0 – 3
6. Lotoha’apai Girls 11 vs Toa Girls = 0 – 5
Pool B
7. Loto-Tonga Girls 1 vs Kolomotu’a = 2 – 2
8. Kolonga vs Marist = Kolonga Win by default
9. Lea’aetao vs Navutoka = 0 – 2
10. Loto-Tonga Girls vs Kolonga = 4 – 0
11. Kolomotu’a vs Lea’aetao = 1 – 0
12. Marist vs Navutoka = Nautoka Win by default
Bye Nukuálofa Eleven
Puke Football Club

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