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FIFA Live Your Goals Campaign to touch down in Tonga on Monday 4th

To ensure that every girl and woman who wants to play football has the opportunity to do so, that is one of the objectives of the FIFA’s mission for Women’s Football. However, Tonga Football is working in line to promote women’s football in Tonga and to increase girls participation,
Live Your Goals Campaign targets and inspires women and girls to play football and stay in the game. It was launched at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011 and has evolved into one of FIFA’s most recognised women’s football initiatives.
Adelaide Tuívailala, former Head of Women’s Football said, ‘’I have many reasons to apply for this project, but what I truly believed, Live Your Goals will be the best platform to increase girls participation here in Tonga.’’
‘’Tonga Football also received support from FIFA for Girls Festival last year, and we run 4 festivals, two festivals in Vavaú and two festivals here in Tongatapu. And the number of girls participations were rapidly increased,’’ Tuívailala said.
‘’I was fortunate to be in Frankfurt, during the launch of this FIFA Live Your Goal campaign in 2011, and I started to dream of when will we bring in this great program, and finally we had our application before end of last year. So, Live Your Goals will be here in Tonga next week Monday the 4th July, with hope for a successful event,” she added.
Kilifi Uele, technical director says, ‘’bringing Live Your Goals here to Tonga will broaden the knowledge of our young girls about this beautiful game, football.’’
‘’When we allow our young girls to access and participate at their early age, we are building a sustainable players pathway and we are looking forward for a strong national representatives,’’ Uele said.
FIFA Live Your Goals campaign will continue on here in Tonga for the next four years.

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