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Just Play punch above weight

Just Play made the breakthrough two weeks ago after being adopted by Sia’atoutai Theological College to be the only sport discipline they will practice in their weekly exercise and sport day.
“We tried various exercising activities but it’s not like Just Play.” Says sport master Rev. Sione Folaumoetu’i.
“Just Play brings us so much fun that carries us away and not realizing how much exercise we’ve done during the session. I assume it’s the best and we like it.” He added.
The biblical school is pressing on its students and tutors to live a healthy life and be aware of their physical fitness.
That brings out more than 200 of them every Wednesday to the field of play, where they enjoy the fun activities that culminate with playing 5 or 6 aside football matches.
The sound of their laughter and joy once again echoes the main philosophy of the Uefa/AusAID funded program, which is having fun.
“Its so amazing how these little games and activities make us feel young again.” says 52 year old Sione Maamaloa.
“We play like kids. Passing, jumping and running while laughing, screaming, yelling and shouting at team mates, it’s so great and wonderful and I really like it because we are having fun and its so lively. Its good to feel young again.” laughed Maamaloa.
Meanwhile the new relationship also boost Tonga Football Association’s strive to bring football to as many Tongans as possible.
TFA General Secretary Lui ‘Aho believes it’s another milestone to be acknowledged.
“It is the first of its kind that Just Play is being practiced on adults and for TFA to be involved in running exercising activities for a community like Sia’atoutai.”
“It is remarkable and it’s a bonus for us with our promotion of the game in Tonga.”
Sia’atoutai also accepted to become the center home of Just Play for the mid-western side of Tongatapu.

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