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Referee lessons to be taught in high school

Following the achievements made by Tonga’s top referees Tevita Makasini and Lata-‘i-Sia Tu’ifutuna, TFA Referee Department is certain it can produce more quality whistle blowers.
Referee Development Officer Tevita Vea reveals the plan saying the focus is set on building a bigger and stronger foundation.
“The idea is to develop referees and assistant refs from the younger generations.”
“We are targeting young 14 and 15 years old students. To work with them for 6 to 7 years, they should become good match officials.”
The Referee Department staffs are currently negotiating with various schools around Tongatapu area and there are positive feedbacks.
‘Api Fo’ou College, Tailulu College, Liahona High School and Tupou College are some of the schools that has accepted the idea to be include in their curriculum for next year.
“It’s a positive start for us and we are looking forward to start teaching by the beginning of the new academic year.” Vea added.
The plan is to run the theoretical part of the course in the first two semesters while running practical before the end of the year.
The students will sit an exam by the end of the year and those who will pass with great interest in becoming a referee will proceed to Level 2 while conducting practical during the local club and school competition.
Vea said the second phase of the course will be conducted at the Home of Football, at Lototonga.
Tonga Football Association is currently employing 23 active referees.

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