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Tonga National U 20 Men’s in their final shape up!

The Tongan squad has been in training since the beginning of this year and at the second week of May, the Head Coach announced his 20 players including 3 players from the Northern region of Tongatpu, Vavaú.
‘’ In the very beginning, I always urged them to train harder so when they go on to the field they get use to the kind of play I will want,’’ says the head Coach, Tevita Moala.
‘’Our journey was not easy, but we managed to overcome those hurdles that we faced. And in the beginning of May 2016, we announced the 20 players to represent our country, and we ramp up our training and preparations. I trust my boys, and they also trust me,” he added.
‘’I am aiming to qualify for the second stage, like all other coaches and I am not alone because my boys also looking further to the second stage.’’
‘’ I did managed to help them as much as I could, and I am happy to say that I also brought out more of what they are capable of,’’ Moala said.
The squad are as follows: Hemaloto Polovili (Team Capatain)
Mahe Malafu (Vice Capt)
Kilifitoni Vea
Sione Tuífangaloka
Sione Kit
Tevita Vakatapu
Áisea Muli
Soakai Vea
Sateki Matakaiongo (Vice Capt)
Vai Lutu
Anthony Likiliki
Fisiíhoi Palu
Timeth Bogidua
Kapeliele Malafu
Talatala Poói
Lachman Atoa
Étilei Tuiono
Folauhola Mesui
Tevita Tukimaka
Semisi Ótukolo
and the team officials: Team Manager: Sitiveni Palavi
GK Coach: Heneli Saafi
Technical Advisor: Kilifi Uele
Tonga team will take up the Cook Islands team on their first match on Tuesday 21st at 3pm.