FIFA/OFC Club Licensing

Before the closing of the workshop FIFA Consultant Robbie Middleby and OFC Competition Director Chris Kemp, forwarded a draft Tonga Club Licensing implementation
strategy/plan and Tonga Club Licensing Regulations.
Middleby said, “It is great to see so much partnership between the clubs, TFA and her Executive Committee members. It’s really encouraging and it’s a good start to see
how club licensing will help develop the clubs, the players, coaches, referees and the whole of football family in Tonga.”
“I truly believe that football in your beautiful country is headed in the right direction, especially with the people that are involved,”
‘’The passion and long-term vision from all key stakeholders of Football in Tonga is positive and we feel the Tonga Club Licensing Regulations will play a major part
to reach your ultimate goals.’’
Meanwhile, The Tonga Football General Secretary Lui Áho says, ‘’ I believe both implementation plan and the club licensing regulations are in place will direct us to play
our role in this new system. Eventually this is new to us but the element of this new system will surely boost our development schemes and I understand it is inline with TFA’s visions”
‘’I wish to extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude thanks to FIFA and OFC for their continued support and now we will do as much as we could to put club licensing in place.”
Tonga Football Association is now target 2017 for the top premiere clubs to participate in the TFA club licensing.