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Lolo Á Halaevalu Cup Championship

The last time Tonga Football hosted this kind of championship was fifteen years ago and Haápai was included. There are eight teams registered for this championship and four men’s team and four women’s team. There are four teams from Tongatapu and Vavaú also prepared four teams. These teams are known as, Vahe Tongatapu Kolo (Women), Vahe Tongatapu Kolo (Men), Vahe Tongatapu Úta (Women), Vahe Tongatapu Uta (Men), Vahe Vavaú Kolo (Women), Vahe Vavaú Kolo (Men), Vahe Vavaú Úta (Women) and Vahe Vavaú Úta (Men).
The Competition Manager, Penateti Feke, said, ”The current status of Tonga Football in FIFA ranking is descending and the previous results from OFC tournaments have not very well achieved. TFA concluded that our players have the talent but lack the opportunities to play quality games. We are bringing back this tournament as our local domestic tournament so that best players from combined clubs are selected to represent their districts. If this tournament is a success our technical department is looking forward for new pathway for our players as from clubs to main islands districts before selecting to be a national player.”
The Vavaú Football Manger, Manatu Liavaá said, ”hosting a bigger event like this, I am very excited and I don’t know how to explain our rejoice and to honour the opportunity that Tonga Football Association gave to us. It is very rare to host an event like this here in Vava’u for so many years in every sports but now I feel passionate about it and to persuade more people and youth to support and get involves in football both men and women. There are a lot of very talented players in every village but they are not interesting in football and I do believe that after these bigger events they will involve in our clubs competition. So this is a good promotion for the Vava’u Football Association.”
Liavaá also said, ”I am 100% trust that the people of the Lolo-‘a-Halaevalu will support this championship as like our local football competition here, a lots of people gathered in the field to support their clubs and I am also pretty much sure they will come and support this main islands districts championshiop. Vava’u people known as Fatafatamafana will be there at the Nippon Field to cheers and supports our teams and also the Cup since its name after our region “Lolo-‘a-Halaevalu Cup” given by the Governor of Vava’u.”
The Lolo Á Halaevalu Cup Championship will conclude on Wednesday 20th July 2016.