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Unity will build a strong association

This is an event that happened annually apart from the annual general meetings, all football clubs were invited to participate.
There were 32 football clubs registered and only 26 clubs presented to hear proposed plan for 2016.
‘’It is an honour and privilege to be here today to witness that football is growing from the past years as of today we had more than 23 football clubs come willingly
to participate in all football activities for this year,’’ added Lord Veéhala.
‘’Today, Tonga Football staff compile all information for this year activities to pass on to you, don’t hesitate to ask us if you need clarifications in any of those presentations
or need us to lend a hand, feel free to come up as we are all here await to hear from you,”said Lord Veéhala.
‘’Before I conclude, may I remind you all, it is very important for us, Tonga Football Executive Committee, CEO and all the TFA Staff and the most valuable partners,
football clubs to work closely together, so we will help each other to build a stronger football association for our nation, Malo Áupito.’’
The technical director, Kilifi Uele, told those gathered of several FIFA/MA courses for this year,as all clubs need to take in coaches that already accredited.
‘’Tonga is in now in progress to adopt Club Licensing next year, so therefore we must fulfil what are needed to be done, said Uele.
‘’I am glad that I made it to this very vital seminar, so when our football club meet I will pass on all information I received today, says Tepolo Tonga, representative of Marist Football Club.
Tonga FA is scheduled to start their 2016 Major League on Saturday 15 of April at the Loto-Tonga Fields.

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