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Coaches’ course a great success

TFA’s General Secretary, Lui Aho says it’s just the tip of the iceberg, as TFA begins a new cycle with Just Play and grassroots development programme already well underway in the kingdom. The five days coaches course brought in 24 coaches from around the kingdom, Vava’u included.
“We are preparing the next generation of coaches who will look after the kids and the youth. It’s a long term vision and if we want to improve the level of the game here, we need qualified coaches and I think Tonga FA is on the right way.” Aho says.
Tonga’s local OFC instructors, Kilifi Uele and Lui Muavesi teamed up with OFC’s Technical Coordinator, Didier Chambaron, who facilitated an intensified educational program made up of both theoretical and practical components with a final assessment on the participant’s performance and marks an impressive beginning.
“22 participants passed D license, that’s a very good result” Chambaron says.
He added that most of the time the participants don’t attend all the topics, however in Tonga it’s a very different scenario with very passionate participants who are keen to share knowledge.

“They want to learn and I hope they have gained a lot from this scheme but also from all the participants, and now its very positive in terms of quantity of participants and also in terms of quality of the content” Chambaron says.
According to OFC’s Techincal Coordinator, the most important aspect of being a Coach is the passion for the game and passion for young players.
Chambaron says he is very impressed with the level of commitment that reflects the coaches’ determination to help football to grow in the kingdom.
“I think the best coaches have been identified and I am very confident for the near future and I am sure Tonga FA will achieve great results in terms of participation, in terms of social responsibility, and in terms of results” Chambaron says.
Football development is a long journey that requires time and commitment but what is certain is, Tonga FA is on the right track to produce good results and to perform at OFC tournaments and international level. Tonga now needs to plan ahead to prepare a new generation of footballers in the kingdom.