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Lunch for all teams participating by Tonga Football.

Lord Veéhala, Tonga FA President also present at the Cave to welcome all teams and officials, and he did made a welcome speech before the lunch served.
‘Every tournament Tonga FA hosted we tried our best to provide all teams a welcoming or farewelling lunch for participating teams, as we hope you could all see part of our culture. Not only that we wished your short visit to the Kingdom of Tonga will be an unforgettable trip, says Lord Veéhala’’.
Before heading to Óholei Beach, all teams attended church services in Nukuálofa.
The staff of Óholei Beach prepared the food in buffet style and they make sure everyone will be feeded.
The Cook Islands team performed one song in their own language and another item they called a haka, and this brought everyone together before they blessed the food.

After the lunch, they were invited for a quick toured into the Hina and Sinilau cave. Oholei Beach also served lunch to their other guests but later on at 3pm.