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Make football better for everyone!

This week is one of the busiest week for Vavaú Football when the Tonga Football Association decided to offer this FIFA Senior Coaching Course to be held in Neiafu, Vavaú The Vava’u Island groups in the Kingdom of Tonga is a spectacular tropical island paradise in the Pacific Ocean, with 13 active football clubs, and they are currently developing football from grassroots to football clubs.
The Vavaú Football office nominated 25 participants for the course, and they are all coaches from Mangia, Tuánekivale, Toula, Útui, Okoa, Falaleu, Mailefihi, Makave, Taánea, Matamaka, Longomapu, Liviela, Feletoa, Haákio, Útulangivaka and High Schools coaches of Vavaú High School, Channel High School, Mailefihi Siuílikutapu College and Tailulu College.
These participants were very excited to have James Bannatyne, an ex All White goal keeper as their FIFA Instructor for this five days course, also Kilifi Uele, the Tonga Football Technical Director also assisting Bannatyne in running this coaching course.
Bannatyne said, ‘’this is my first non goal keeping course for FIFA and it is really an honour to be doing it here in Tonga with our people. it is been a great week so far, good challenges for everyone, and we are learning a lot, with hoping we are making football better for everyone involved.’’
‘’We are developing football here in Vavaú, and in Tonga and in the Oceania region, there is much work to do, but to start with small steps, and I am glad that we are making a very good progress. The participants have been very good, attitude is good, and we are learning a lot, and we are making a huge progress,’’ he added.
All participants were given a bag each that contain of training gears, polo shirt to wear everyday with tracksuits, boots, four pairs of sock and slippers.
‘’This is a bonus for Vavaú when Tonga FA decided to bring this kind of course to run for our region, and it is a huge help to us as we are working hands in hands in developing football here in Vavaú,’’says Manatu Liavaá, Vavaú Football Manager.
‘’I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to Tonga Football and Kilifi Uele for agreeing to offer their service to us, and I believe these young coaches will deliver what they have learnt from this course to their respective clubs. Also same gratitude goes to James Bannatyne for leading this course and I hope his short visit our shore will be a remarkable one,’’ she stressed out.
This coaching course will conclude on Friday at the Talisola Motel.