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Technical Department: State of football

Tonga Football technical programs that involve education and training of coaches, community football, grassroots development and high performance has not fully evolved to meet community expectations and football expansion.

These are other technical activities throughout Tonga require a regular performance review detailing : The strategic outcome planning process for implementing technical actions, community participation and international programs. The Sustainable budget allocation to realize technical outcomes and capacity building of personnel.

Tonga football requires effective infrastructure to realize its ambitions and has limited resources and competent personnel throughout the country to support all of its progressive football activities from community to the international level.

Tonga Football Technical Department established a Strong Grassroots and Youth competition working in collaboration with partners and the Development of a Talented Players Framework ( Players Pathways )& the Long Term Athletic Development.TFA Football Academy which are just recently start this year with Under 10 – Boys and Girls are identified and selected from the Just Play Program.

The TFA Technical Department provide individual player and team training programs that will develop technical and game skills to the highest level while preparing these players tactically for future international competition.

TFA Talented Player – Technical Training Centre will offer players the opportunity to acquire new skills under the guidance of qualified coaches and senior players while experiencing first the dedication needed and training methods used for elite player achievement.