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With regards to the refereeing in Tonga we have designed the development program for the Tonga FA Officials further. Many training sessions currently and will be held where the skills-based approach to training will be conducted. The most important factor is the development of a professionally designed program that would contribute to the proper enhancement of the skills level and aptitude of the Tonga referees and that all the officials would receive the same training and understanding.

Participants have begun a very important phase in their development as match officials. This program’s emphasis is on the development of the officials practical skills and again we will also study some more theoretical subjects. Working through these programs will re-enforce the foundations they need to build an exciting career in Football.
There is no time limit on this program though most officials participate at the High Performance Unit’s Programs with practical trainings and assessments to follow and taken as pre-season preparations.

Tonga FA Referee Technical Instructors and Inspectors are responsible for the assessing whether an official has met the requirements for accreditation at a particular level. This program has been designed as a training program for the Tonga FA officials and all graduates are entitled to Tonga FA accreditation.

However I do believe that the Tonga Football Association is responsible for the Referees education at all levels and to assist the Refereeing Department develop groups of skilled officials who will improve the quality, availability, leadership and status of footballs officiating in Tonga before continuing their career at the international level such at the OFC or FIFA football competitions.

It is important to note that the high achievement and a major stepping stone of refereeing in Tonga hence the appointment of Mr Tevita Makasini to the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa and the appointment of Miss Lata Tuifutuna to the FIFA Women’s Under 17s World Cup in Trinidad and Tobacco has become a role model for Tonga Officials to compete to that level. But I do believe that the crucial area is to maintain that standard to the fullest and again we the refereeing department needs support from all areas of the football family.

After all, if there are no officials then no matches can take place.

We believe in Oceania

To download the Referee Department regulations click here.