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A mother’s shoe is way too Big!

While Tonga Football launched the #ENDviolence campaign to mark the International Women’s day, Palu Úhatahi , Just Play Project Manager made a testimony about what she faced since her mother passed away 2 years ago.

Úhatahi explained the saddest phone call ever that she received from her father to advise the sudden death of her dear mother.

She said, ‘’ It never came to my mind after 30 years of my life that my mother would leave us that soon and I cannot agree!.  I was very looking forward to see her  on the 4th of September, 2015 but it was never happened.’’

‘’Her passed away was a shocked strategy, and once she left, the load of her duties are heavily laid on my shoulder,’’ she added.

‘’Why I am here today? Why are you here today?  We should look back, it’s because of our MOTHER.  The agony of carrying me for nine months, woke up very  early in the morning and she was the one slept very late every night, she fed me until I crawled, bathed me, making food, buying clothes, make a saving so we could survived to the next pay cheque plus looking after the extended families and put up to church and community’s welfare.   What I have just mentioned were all my mother’s duties since I came to this earth’’.

“As I grew up, I learnt a lot from my mother.  She was a woman who puts everyone’s needs before hers. She’s a giver and cannot value a thing she has while others are desperately in need. We were all rely on her in everything, from washing, cooking, cleaning, budgeting, advise, care for the whole family including her nieces and her brothers and sisters even though my father is the only person who works. She cannot stand to see us hungry she will always make sure that we got food to eat. We’ve been living with our mother since we were born whilst our father travel back and forth from Hawaii. That is another importance aspect of her she endured the pain to stay with us here in the island whist our father work for our living in the US.  Why? Because my mother was scared that  we might drift in western culture and we end up in prison or doing drugs.’’

‘’My Dad felt so insecure after my mother passed, as he will spend most of his time in the US’’.  So nowadays I am looking after my sisters and brothers and all my extended family.  I am doing my best so they won’t feel the absence of our mother’’, Uhatahi says.

‘’I felt for the mothers of Tonga, and to all mothers around the world, your responsibilities and the pain you endures are unbearable and for me as a single young leader of today.  I salute to you all for without the hardship you face we cannot reached where we are today.

‘’I stood up today to support the #EndViolence# campaign against women not only as my job, but I am speaking from my heart as I knew exactly what mothers duties at home or elsewhere,’’cried Uhatahi.

‘’Last but not the least,  Please brothers, male friends, and everyone who is listening,  Do things to others as what you want to do to you.  Make a difference that will contribute to a better and a safe world.’’

Úhatahi is the eldest daughter and she continued to look after her 9 siblings as their father resides in Hawaii.  He travelled back and forth every quarter to see them as he hold a good job that really helped his family.


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