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FIFA/OFC Licensing Seminar

Feke inspired by personal experience
Growing up in Tonga Penateti Feke wasn’t involved in any grassroots programme or structured club sys...

A new era for Tonga Football!

Passionate in football open up to great opportunit...
Álipate Tukia of Tonga High School who recently a member of the Tonga National Under 17 football tea...

Premier League Final

Veitongo vs Marist
The current Champion, Veitongo will take up Marist in less than an hours to secure their place at th...

New heights for Tonga

Tonga Football embraces Education Centre
A three-day workshop to discuss the OFC Education Centre concept was facilitated by OFC Instructor P...
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Tonga Football Association (TFA) has ushered in a new era for Tongan football with the completion of a successful FIFA Goal Project that has seen the construction of international standard fields, a national academy and new headquarters.

TFA President Ve’ehala has been instrumental in bringing about the changes. The ‘Home of Football’ is now a hive of activity with ...
Will Auckland City FC retain their OFC Champions League trophy this year?

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